Sunday, March 8, 2009

UP Movie Trailer

Karl the grumpy old man and Russell the chubby boy are the two heroes of UP, the latest Disney Pixar animated movie in 2009. Here below a full-length trailer of UP:

UP From Disney Pixar

This Summer, the adventure of a lifetime will be finding their way home!

Thanks to this new UP trailer we have a glimpse of Charles Muntz, the movie's villain:

Charles Muntz from the movie UPChristopher Plummer is lending his voice to Charles Muntz, an adventurer Carl and his wife admired as children. Director Pete Docter compared Muntz to a mix of Charles Lindbergh and Howard Hughes.

I'm getting thrilled by this new PIXAR movie: it does fit in their previous track after all. And the dog is so cute: I bet he's gonna steal the show for real!